Hotel Misión San José

Years of experience support us.

We are a hotel that was built in two phases, the first phase was carried out between 1998 and 1999, then the second phase was carried out in 2008 where the restaurant and pool are located, as well as our comfortable Jr. Suite and Suite rooms with an incredible views of the swimming pool area.

Our priorities are the quality of the service and the product offered to our customers that we consider a member of the family.

Our bases

Mision, vision and values.


To offer our guests hospitality, comfort, and the most delicious food of Salina Cruz, through a personalized treatment by a highly motivated staff, making a unique lodging experience.


Represent the hospitality of Salina Cruz, preserving and promoting our business values, based on a culture of quality in service, creating experiences that motivate our guests to return.


Friendliness, Quality, Honesty and Safety.


Room service.

Parking lot.

High speed internet service.

Conference Room "Santo Domingo".

Laundry and ironing.

Telephone in rooms.

Air conditioner.


Accessibility for people with disabilities.

Unparalleled attention.

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